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What To Do if Your Chute Doesn't Open is a book for the masses, one to be read by politicians, business leaders, students, and everyone that needs a kick in the ass to take global warming more seriously.


Sarcastic, impudent and politely offensive...

About the Author

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I was born in the Eastern United States and transitioned to the West for graduate school. I owned a leather shop, did time as a janitor, college lecturer, poet, road hippie, artist, poverty program researcher, salesman, business entrepreneur, CEO (NYSE), and writer. I know, it sounds like I need professional help, and maybe you’re right. I’ve been more than a little frustrated with how the environmental movement has gone.

Of course, there are great folks out there working hard and making progress in many important areas. They haven’t been able to make the kind of headway we need to get local, state, and world leaders to make the kinds of commitments necessary to take back control of our planet.

So it is my hope that by writing this snarky little book, I might reach some of those that have not yet been listening/acting. I desperately need your help to reach out and let decision-makers of all types know that NOW is the time to make their move to Stop Global Warming and be on the right side of history before there is history no more. I would appreciate your being a part of this endeavor. 

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